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Squirrels often take advantage of poorly maintained properties and will enlarge any potential entry points to gain access to loft areas. They are normally heard in the loft areas first thing in the morning and last thing at night. A “nest” is normally made quite close to the entry point and if left undisturbed they will have a litter of young in February/March and a second letter about four months later.

They can cause a considerable amount of damage by gnawing and will expose the copper wire of electrical cables by removing the plastic coatings. Traps and poison can both be used to treat squirrels although traps are the preferred method of Clear Round Pest Services.


Moles are most active during the winter and spring months. The mole hills are the waste produced from their tunnelling activities. It is these tunnels that act as a form of trap into which worms fall to be found by the mole. Worms are the main source of food for moles although they also feed on other invertebrates including slugs and insect larvae.

Moles are primarily a solitary creature although during the breeding season they move between systems so it is not unusual to find more than one mole in a system during the spring months. Apart from the deeper feeding tunnels in times of dry weather, more shallow burrows can be seen. These do not necessarily produce hills and have the appearance of varicose veins on the lawn.

Two methods of control are available. These are trapping and gassing. In most cases trapping is the preferred method of control by Clear Round Pest Services though in some circumstances, gassing can also be used.


Problems may arise when pigeons roost on buildings as they foul from ledges and other nesting or roosting areas. Their droppings cause an unsightly mess and may also cause ‘slip’ hazards on walkways and pavements. Pigeons are regarded as unacceptable, especially in large numbers. They have the potential to transmit disease causing organisms.

The number of pigeons attracted to an area depends on the food available. If pigeons are being fed, more pigeons will be attracted to that area. All pigeons require nesting and roosting sites, including balconies, window ledges, and roof areas, as well as reliable food sources. It is vital that food sources for pigeons are kept to a minimum.

If pigeons begin to roost on part of your property, a number of measures can be taken. There are many products available that prevent pigeons from landing on areas such as ledges, roofs, and balconies including spikes, netting, and more. In some cases, culling by shooting may be necessary.

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